September 23, 2007

You Can Buy iTunes Gift Cards with iPhone $100 Apple Store Credit

After some initial confusion, it seems that you CAN use the $100 Apple store credit to purchase iTunes gift cards both online and in retail stores. iPhone customers who purchased a phone from June 29, 2007 to August 21,207 were given a refund for $100 Apple store credit. Initially, there was confusion on whether you could use the store credit to purchase iTunes products, such as gift cards. The confusion originated from the restriction on using the store credit to purchase iTunes Electronic Gift Certificates. Most people including Apple customer service reps got confused by those wording and mistook “electronic gift certificate” to mean all iTunes gift cards including the physical ones. When purchasing iTunes gift cards from the online store, remember to select “Gift Cards” vs electronic gift certificates.

Unfortunately, you still cannot use the store credit to purchase Apple Store gift cards, electronic iTunes gift certificates or redeem it for cash. I guess Apple has got to draw the line somewhere.

iPhone $100 Apple Store Credit FAQ

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