September 25, 2007

Convert My Coke Rewards Points into Gift Cards

Coke for over the past year has been running a loyalty program called My Coke Rewards. People who enter My Coke Rewards (MCR) code, found on specially marked Coke products, are awarded points. The points awarded ranges from 3pts for a 16oz bottle cap to 25pts for a 32 pack of 12oz cans. Participants can then redeem the points for rewards or use the points to enter into sweepstakes. Interestingly enough, some of the rewards are for gift cards, such as from Best Buy, Home Depot, Taylor Made, Lids,, 1-800-FLOWERS, etc. For example, you can redeem 625 points for a $25 Best Buy gift card.

Before, you run out the door and scavenge trash & recycle bins or attempt to drink an inordinate quantity of Coke products, you should be aware that there are some limitations to the program. 1) There is a throttling mechanism in place that limits ten code entries per day per account. 2) My Coke Rewards (MCR) code entry (points collection) ends on December 31, 2007. You do have until the end of January 31, 2008 to redeem the points. 3) The popular gift cards almost always run out and you’ll have to wait for Coke to restock them if they do at all.

Using the slowest points gathering method, which is to redeem ten 3pt bottle caps per day, it will take you 21 consecutive days to reach 625 points. Even with a little over 90 days left in the year before the program ends, there is enough time to accumulate enough points for at least one $25 gift card. It is even feasible to collect enough points for two $25 or one $50 gift card.

With the holiday season approaching, I’m predicting that Coke will have more rewards available for redemption. However, I recommend that once you achieve the necessary points to get the reward you want, get the reward. Do not wait for something else better as the rewards do run out and Coke may not restock them.

My Coke Reward Rules [MCR Website]

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