October 14, 2007

Dale and Thomas Offering Free Promotional Gift Card

Dale and Thomas Promotional $20 Gift Card
To all the gourmet popcorn fans out there, Dale and Thomas is offering a promotional $20 gift card good on orders purchased from their online store. Personally, we don’t’ know much about gourmet popcorn, but if Oprah says that Dale and Thomas gourmet popcorn is “one of her favorite things”, then its gotta be good. You can snag one of these physical promotional gift cards off of eBay for 50% off or more. However, you can get a free digital version of the $20 gift card by visiting Dale and Thomas website and submitting your email address.

Please note, we do not actually have one of these gift cards to in our hands to verify that the information being posted on eBay is accurate. However, based on our research of multiple listings and mentions of it on eBay, Craigslist and Slickdeals, it is safe to assume that the terms for these promotional gift cards are as follows.

Gift card code must be redeemed by March 31, 2008. Enter the gift card code in the Gift Card area when checking out at www.daleandthomas.com. Valid for online orders, not valid at Dale and Thomas retail stores. Cannot be used for wholesale orders.

There seems to be at least two versions of the physical promotional gift cards, one that expires on March 31, 2008 and the other that expires December 31, 2008. As for the digital version, please verify when it expires.

Interesting enough, Dale and Thomas is part of Sun Capital Partner’s portfolio. On October 9th, we mentioned that Restaurant Unlimited, also a Sun Capital Partner company, is running a promotional gift card program to help drive up traffic. Now, here is another SCP company doing the same thing. We would not be surprise if this strategy is applied to other SCP companies, especially if the gift cards are successful in driving up traffic and increasing sales.

As a last note, we do applaud Restaurant Unlimited and Dale & Thomas for providing true promotional gift cards without “strings” attached. More times than not, retailers disguise coupons as gift cards with conditions, such as minimum purchases required.

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