October 20, 2007

Gift Card Brands with the Highest Resale Value

Gift Card Brands with the Highest Resale Value

Based on one month of data gathered from eBay, Visa, American Express, and ExxonMobil gift cards have the highest median resale value as of October 20, 2007. The median resale value reflects the half way point where 50% of the gift cards sold for more and 50% sold for less. All three brands’ resale value are higher than 100%.

One explanation for why the resale value of these gift cards is higher than the face value is due to activation fees. For example, Visa and American Express are both bank gift cards and typically have a $5.95 processing fee. In addition, ExxonMobil gift cards with a value of $20 or less are charged an additional $0.50 to $1.00 per gift card when purchased directly from ExxonMobil. Another reason for the high resale value could be attributed to overbidding my scammers to defraud the seller. However, this is just a speculation.

All three brands’ resale value had a standard deviation of more than 10%, which reflects a disparate distribution of resale values. A lower standard deviation indicates a more uniform distribution similar to the shape of a bell curve. Analysis of other gasoline gift card brands, such as ARCO and Shell, also reveals a high resale values.

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