October 13, 2007

Pay Serious Attention to Interactive Gift Cards

Interactive Gift Cards
Interactive gift cards will be the next hottest thing this holiday season. Not only do these digital gift cards hold currency, but they also have a dual purpose of holding interactive content that can be played on DVD players, Win/Mac drives, and gaming consoles, such as PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360. Each card can hold up to 180MB of content, which is about 45 MP3 songs assuming each song is 4MB. Think about all the different type of digital contents, such as web content, music, video, photos, and games, that can be stored on these digital gift cards.

Serious USA is the industry pioneer and patent owner of interactive DVD gift cards. They have already launched two interactive gift cards for Circuit City containing multimedia content, such as music and movie trailers. The Home Depot interactive gift cards contain seven instructional how-to videos, lasting three to four minutes each, on painting, changing faucets and more. With maturity of these interactive gift cards, companies can send out promotional and/or thank you gift cards to customers and prospects with marketing material. Consumers can personalize gift cards by adding custom digital content, such as a video greeting or family photos. These interactive DVD gift cards are one of the reasons why gift cards sales are expected to hit $35 billion this holiday season.

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