November 3, 2007

Gift Cards Sold in October 2007

Overall, 12,264 gift cards were sold on eBay for the month of October. On average, 396 gift cards were sold per day. Mondays continue to have the highest number of transactions during the week. However, during the last week of October (dark purple, Week 5), Tuesday had higher volume than Monday. Traditionally, Fridays have lowest transactions per day averages, except for the Friday in Week 1 (light blue).

Gift Cards Sold on eBay for October 2007

In comparison, 12,501 gift cards were sold on eBay for this past September with an average of 417 gift cards sold per day. Even with one more day than September, October’s transaction was 98% less for the entire month and 95% less per day. Furthermore, October had zero days with volumes of 500 or more transactions, while September had four days with 500+ transactions.

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