November 19, 2007

World’s Most Expensive Holiday Gift Card

If you have a cool $5 million (yes, that a M with six zeroes) to spurge, then you might want to consider giving your loved ones, friends, or business associates the ultimate status symbol gift card, the Holiday DreamCard from Halcyon Jets. The Holiday DreamCard allows the recipient an unparalleled level of opulence and convenience in travel aboard private jets. In addition, a certified Private Aviation Specialist and personal concierge will also be provided to assist with the travel, dining and entertainment needs.

Halcyon Jet’s DreamCard

Is this a legitimate product or just a marketing ploy to generate some visibility and buzz? Probably both, but more likely than not it is the later. Why? Because, there is not much information available to backup that the DreamCard is for real. Even the page on Halcyon Jet’s own website about the DreamCard is inoperable. A quick look at cached pages on Google reveals that the DreamCard page has been inoperable since November 11, 2007. Before sending out a press release about your company’s product or service, you would have figured as a good idea to support it with additional information on your website.

Nevertheless, the DreamCard could just be a spiffed up debit card redeemable for flight hours on private jets. These type of debit cards are quite common with middlemen who connect travellers with the thousands of jet charter operators nationally. Halcyon Jets even blatantly states in fine print on their website that they are an agent (middleman) and does not operate the aircrafts.

Even if you could give $5 million gift in chartered flights on private jet, is this a prudent gift to give? In comparison, NetJets, the premier private jet operator, offers fractional ownership shares starting at $406,250 for 1/16th interest in a small jet. This entitles you to 50 hours of flying time per year. However, you are also on the hook for monthly maintenance fees. On the other hand, Marquis Jets sells chunks of time in NetJets planes in 25-hour increments starting at $115,900. For $5 million that gives you over 1,000 flying hours, which can go a very long way. A gift Marquis Jet Card could be a better alternative than the DreamCard as you are still give an opulent and luxurious gift.

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