February 10, 2008

Coverage Initiated on PGA Tour Superstore Gift Cards

PGA Tour Superstore, a golf themed retail store affiliated with the PGA TOUR and operated and owned by Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, Inc. (GTPS), has ten retail locations throughout Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Arizona. The stores offer high tech golf swing analyzers for training and simulators for customers to try out equipments. In addition, some store location have indoor tennis courts.
PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card
Initial data on transactions of PGA Tour Superstore gift card, also referred to as “Gimme Cards”, on eBay indicates that 45 gift cards were sold over the past 150 days with a median resale value of 74% and an average resale value of 72%. The most common PGA Tour Superstore gift card denomination sold was $25.

The 2% difference between median and average resale price coupled with a standard deviation of 11% indicate that more data points are required before a more accurate picture of PGA Tour Superstore gift card’s worth on the secondary market is available. In comparison, Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards have a 86% median and average resale value over the past 120 days with a volume of 317 transactions on eBay.

Two plausible reasons why there are significant transaction volume of Gimme Cards on the secondary market could be A) there are only ten retail locations in the US so it difficult for most recipient to use the store’s high tech services, and B) PGA Tour Superstore is a speciality sports retailer and speciality stores’ gift cards are limited to a niche group and not as versatile.

Please, consult with the PGA Tour Superstore gift card’s FAQ for the complete and latest details. While there is not much info, the main points to be aware of are:
- Only one Gimme Card can be redeemed per order.
- Available in even dollar amounts starting at $15.00.
- Cannot purchase a Gimme Card with another Gimme Card.
- Gimme Cards are non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash.
- Lost or stolen gift cards will not be replaced.

If you have any feedback or experience purchasing, reselling, and/or using PGA Tour Superstore “Gimme” gift cards, please feel free to share them with us.

PGA Tour Superstore “Gimme” Gift Cards Report [GiftCardNexus.com]
PGA Tour Superstore Gift Cards FAQ [PGATourSuperstore.com]

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