August 6, 2010

How to Post Gift Card Ads on Craigslist

list of gift card ads on craigslistThis is the second part of a step by step guide to selling unwanted gift cards on Craigslist. If you haven’t read the first part, take a quick gander at it. Craigslist is organized into geographical locations which efficiently connect local sellers and buyers together. Some benefits for selling gift cards on Craigslist is
1. FREE, no fees
2. Safety, less risk than comparable websites
3. Higher resale value, especially for gift cards from regional and local retailers.

After determining a good resale price for your pre-paid cards from the previous article, the next step is to:

Step 3: Post Ad on
If you don’t have a Craigslist account, go ahead and sign up for one now. You will need one to post an ad to Craigslist. Having an account makes posting multiple ads, editing existing ads, and re-posting expired ads much easier. The process is simple and straightforward:
1. Enter an email for the account and enter the CAPTCHA code
2. Craigslist will email you with an authentication link. Log into your email account and click on the link.
3. Enter a password for the account and accept the terms of use.
Steps for creating Craiglist account

Let’s go ahead and create the classifieds:
1. Click on the post to classifieds link.
2. Pick for sale option.
3. Select the category that best describe the gift card’s issuing merchant. For example, for Best Buy select electronics. If there is no good category, then pick general for sale category.
Steps to create ad on Craigslist
4. Choose the area you live or work in. Craigslist is divided into geographic locations and your ad will be posted in that region. This is a good thing, because you want to sell your gift card to someone in person and not through the mail.
5. Pick a location convenient for a face to face meeting. Somewhere close to home or work or frequently travel by.
Pick geographical area for Craigslist ad
6. Fill out the classified posting.
a. Use short informative titles. For example, $50 Home Depot Gift Card, 10% OFF
b. Input the price you want to sell it for.
c. Enter your email address, recommend using anonymize.
d. The description should be as informative as possible. It is important and at a minimum to specify that this is a Cash Only transaction and transfer must be made in person. In addition, include any relevant information, such as price options, remaining balance verification process, expiration dates, reason for selling, and time/place to meet.

Lastly, people find ads on Craigslist through keyword search. It is important to spell words correctly and include similar keywords and names of comparable retailers. Here is example of keywords to include. For example, if selling Home Depot, then include Lowes or Ace Hardware. Here are sample keywords to use in your posting. FYI, it is not necessary to separate keywords with commas.

gift cards certificate certificates gift prepaid card pre-paid store credit merchandise

create the post description for Craigslist ad
It is not necessary to include an image of the gift card. Feel free to do so if you wish.
e. Click on Continue.

7. Confirm the classified ad or make any changes.
8. Accept the terms of use.
9. Craiglist will display a confirmation message indicating the classified ad will appear in about 15 minutes on the website.
10. To review posted ads or manage your accounts, click on My Account (left hand rail) or on your email address (upper right hand corner). The account dashboard lets you manage all classified you have posted to Craigslist.
Final steps for creating Craiglist classified

Next week, we’ll finish this step by step guide with negotiation and safety tips to maximize your chance of completing a successful transaction. We welcome any comments and let us know your thoughts.

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