September 4, 2010

Starbucks Card Collecting Resource

If you are a Starbucks Card collector, where would you go for information on how to build and grade your collection? One definitive online resource is Chris’ Starbucks Card Collection.
Starbucks card collector website
This website offers a directory of existing Starbucks gift cards organized by country of issuance. On top of showcasing his collection, Chris has developed a system to evaluate the different variations of a single design. For example, different types of patterns are used for scratch off security PIN coating. For novice collectors there is a comprehensive tutorial explaining the terminology used to classify the cards and useful links to other online resources.

In addition, Chris and Ketzra have also collected gift cards from other stores. Their other two main collections are Target and Hot Topic, with their own dedicated website. Each of these websites are branded differently but have the same structure. Have to say that Hot Topic’s gift card are creative.

Unfortunately, attempts to contact Chris via email were unsuccessful. An automated email reply indicated that Chris and Ketzra were in the process of liquidating their collections and planning to move oversea. Sadly, the Starbucks collection has not been updated since January 2010, with the other collections last updated going back to 2008. Hopefully, they will keep the websites up as it is a great resource.

UPDATED 02-01-2011: A reader notified us that Chris and Ketzra’s website is no longer active. In addition, online archives do not have cached version of their website. Sadly, their Starbucks and Target gift card collecting resource will be missed.

An alternative resource is A community of like minded collectors contribute to this website to share their passion for the hobby. The content available on is very broad and covers numerous brands.

Do you collect gift cards? Share your experience and resource with us.

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