November 13, 2010

NO Fees American Express Gift Card Promo Code

AMEX prepaid general purpose gift cards
If you are looking for a versatile present this holiday season without going over your budget, then you should consider a prepaid gift card by American Express. It is one of the best general purpose gift cards out there. The AMEX pre-paid gift card has no fees after purchase and the funds never expired. That’s right, no dormancy fee or re-issuing fee, unlike most Visa or MasterCard gift cards.

Use the following promo code to order American Express and the $3.95 purchase fee per card is waived. You only have to pay for shipping.

AMEX No Fee Promo Code
All you need to do to have the purchase fee waived is to visit American Express and use the promo code, EMOCTDEC. Code was used successfully by us on Nov. 10, 2010. The promo code is suppose to be good till 12/31/2010. Some drawbacks to the American Express gift card is that it cannot be used at ATMs and casinos. Cash withdraw and balance refund are not available. Charges made prior to report of lost or stolen cards will not be refunded. Any dispute will need to be resolved with the merchant directly.

SM10 is another no purchase promo code and is valid until January 31, 2011. Code is only valid with online purchase and with American Express card.

Let us know if the promo code works for you.

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